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Near Kin: Press Release
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Dominican sister pens mystery novel with infusion of biblical themes

Barbara Green's fictional novel series about Dominican friar Brendan Byrne and his detective investigations continues with the second title, "Near Kin"

BERKELEY, Calif. (MMD Newswire) July 5, 2011 - - Barbara Green is a Dominican sister, who wrote about what she knew best: biblical studies and academic mysteries. She has bridged over to the genre of biblical plot mystery with her latest book, "Near Kin" (ISBN 145658104X), that combines the classic subtlety of biblical storytelling with matters contemporary.

In the academic community of Berkeley, California, Dominican friar and professor Brendan Byrne doubles as a detective with the help of his friends, Sarah Schecter, a theology professor, and a prior of a Benedictine monastery, Charles Bellingham. Their latest assignment is to find whoever has stolen rare values from a library exhibit.

Together, they search for the missing valuables and the guilty parties in order to secure justice for both the guilty and the innocent. But new relationships and strange connections that have been hidden are brought to the light, complicating the investigation further.

"I don't know of any other works that use ancient biblical plots in modern day mysteries as this series attempts, though one can enjoy them without specialized knowledge," Green says.

"Near Kin" is the second book in the Dominican friar Brendan Byrne series, and Green plans to release at least one more work. Blending features of Ellis Peter's "The Brother Cadfael Chronicles" and Amanda Cross's Professor Kate Fansler mysteries, she believes her work will attract readers that enjoy a playful work based on the intricacies of ancient plots