Barbara Green

Mindful: What They Are Saying

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"So many people today make the mistake of thinking that the Bible is a fixed text - words set in stone that say the same thing to every listener every day, every year, every century. In this story, Barbara Green makes biblical traditions come alive by showing how those traditions live and breathe, grow and diminish, in the lives and memories of people who cherish them. The story offers wonderful insight, not only into an historical moment and the way the Bible itself took shape, but also into how each of us makes meaning from the materials that matter to us. The Bible thus become not a repository of static data but a resource we are constantly reshaping to meet the changing circumstances of our daily lives."

Professor Catherine M. Murphy, University of Santa Clara


"With a compelling respect for and admirable knowledge of these ancient and ever new texts, Green teaches us that honoring our pasts is not the same as enshrining them in stone. With creative flair and characters that are as old and new as the Bible itself, she tells us a new story about biblical power, one in which the power of "holy" words works not as a moralizing bludgeon, but rather as a gentle but insistent guide to our deepest humanity and truest selves. In the same manner the Bible shares its points of view, through stories, so too does Green understand that narrative is often a more effective teacher than traditional scholarly exposition."

Professor Carleen R. Mandolfo, Colby College


"Part road story, part mystery, part family saga, part biblical narrative, Barbara's Green's Mindful is ultimately a meditation on the need to return in new circumstances to old words and the power of old stories to bloom again in new words. Mindful combines the (never stuffy, always lively) erudition of a biblical scholar with the lyrical flights of a born story teller to bring to life the most profoundly human impulses that underlie the Biblical story. Green's moving novel retraces old journeys, retells old stories, and revisits old repositories of memory and dream, connecting us in words and breath with those whose steps we continue to follow as we discover them ever anew."

Professor Naomi Seidman, Center for Jewish Studies, Graduate Theological Union