Barbara Green

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Every course I teach has as its main goal that all of us increase our capacity to read biblical material better (than before) and to understand more deeply what we are doing.

Dr. Barbara Green has been teaching at the Dominican School of Philosophy & Theology for fifteen years. Before that she taught at Dominican College in San Rafael and was responsible for their Humanities Program.

As an academic, Barbara Green coordinates questions of meaning as well as standard critical methods through different modes of interpreting, such as visual art or creative writing to explore the interface between biblical studies and biblical spirituality. She addresses how scholarship aids the appropriating of meaning in scripture. Her primary goal is to promote the growth and the development of the student as a learner. By fostering a student's learning, Barbara helps make a student a better teacher. Barbara acknowledges the dynamic relationships between teacher and student and student to student which she uses to provide better learning and teaching opportunities, such as group projects, study groups, mentoring and research assistants. It is not unusual for Barbara to apply for fellowships and then employ her best students to work with her on research, teaching and various other projects.

The courses Barbara Green teaches are:

  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Old Testament Surveys: General, Pentateuch, Prophets, Wisdom
  • Specialty courses at the doctoral level

Her special interests include Biblical Studies, Biblical Spirituality; Hermeneutics; Early Biblical narratives, Genesis, 1 Samuel, Jonah, and the Wisdom of Solomon.