Barbara Green

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Other Selected Publications by Barbara Green:

  • Jonah's Journeys (Collegeville: Liturgical Press, 2005).
  • How Are the Mighty Fallen? A Dialogical Study of King Saul in 1 Samuel (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2003).
  • Mikhail Bakhtin and Biblical Scholarship: An Introduction. (Atlanta: Society of Biblical Literature Press, 2000).
  • “The Old Testament in Christian Spirituality” in The Blackwell Companion to Christian Spirituality, (Blackwell, 2005).
  • “The Wisdom of Solomon and the Solomon of Wisdom: Traditions’s Transpositions and Human Transformation,” Horizons 30.1 (2003).
  • "This Old Text: An Analogy for Biblical Interpretation," Biblical Theology Bulletin 36 (2006): pp. 72-83.